We’ve noticed that even though a lot of people are interested in laser hair removal, there are a lot of misunderstandings about it.

We’re here to help clear those up!

1.  It’s CRAZY expensive. 

Actually, you can get a multi-session package for laser hair removal for just a few hundred dollars.

Pricing is going to depend on the area you are having done (legs are going to cost more than upper lip since there is more surface area), but most of our customers tell us that they were pleasantly surprised by the cost.

If you are interested in a particular area, just drop us a message and we’ll be happy to send you pricing!

2.  It’s really painful.

We have the most gentle laser hair removal in the area, as well as the most effective.  Even though you will feel a light snap sensation, it’s absolutely bearable. 

While you might feel some discomfort, almost all of our clients tell us it’s far less painful than waxing or threading.

3.  Only certain skin tones can be treated with laser hair removal. 

Not only do we have different wavelength settings so that we are able to treat a variety of skin tones, but we also have the experience and knowledge to properly take care of different skin tones.  From really dark to incredibly fair, we can help you!  

4.  The process is difficult.

Even though laser hair removal does require a number of sessions to see major hair reduction, the actual process is pretty easy and the machine goes incredibly quickly.

5.  The best time to get laser hair removal is summer.

Even though we know that laser hair removal is a little bit more top of mind in the summertime, it is actually better for us to treat in the cooler months.  The main reason being that we’re unable to do laser hair removal on tanned or sunburnt skin.  We also can’t do laser hair removal on someone with self tanner – it has to be your normal skin tone for us to treat.

6.  It will completely remove all hair.

The goal of laser hair removal is major hair reduction, meaning you see an 80 – 90% loss of hair in the area, leaving only a very light peach fuzz, if anything.  Usually, we can get you to this point after a few sessions, and then you can do a touch up appointment (at a discounted cost) if you have a couple stubborn hairs left once we’ve completed the area.

7.  I shouldn’t shave before the appointment so that they can see where the hair is.

The very best treatment you can get is if you shave 24 to 48 hours before your treatment.  The hair must be shaved before we do the treatment so that the laser is able to target the hair follicle (thick hair on top of the skin will hinder treatment.) 24 to 48 hours is the sweet spot so we can see a bit of stubble, without hardly anything above the skin.

Forget to shave?  No worries, we’ve got you.  However, we’ll have to charge a small fee to account for the extra time it will add to the appointment.

However, you have to wait at least two or three weeks after plucking, threading, or being waxed.

8.  There is a set number of appointments it will take to get to 80% hair reduction.

Unfortunately, every person is different, and we can’t guarantee that a specific number of treatments will complete the process for you, especially before we see how your hair follicles react to the laser.  Things like how coarse the hair is, hormones, and even medicines you’re on can affect how many appointments you will need to reach your goal.  

A lot of our customers meet their goal in four to six sessions, while we have a few that need more.  We’re here to work with you until you reach your goal.

What questions do you have that we didn’t get answered?!  Send us a message below, and we’ll be happy to get back to you with an answer!

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