Patient receiving Fraxel treatment


Fraxel is a non-surgical, non-invasive laser treatment that makes major differences in wrinkles, skin texture, skin tone, and scarred skin.  Fraxel is one of the strongest lasers on the market, and is a fantastic option for someone wanting to see big results without a major surgery or a lot of down time.  Fraxel stimulates the growth of new, healthy skin cells from the inside out.

microneedling w/ radio frequency

Microneedling with radio frequency is one of our staff’s favorite treatments to do, and this is largely because of the amazing results it brings!  Our microneedling packs a punch because not only does it cause collagen production from producing micro-injuries in the skin, but the radio frequency also heats skin to a therapeutic level, stimulating the body’s cellular response that produces collagen and  tightens the skin.  Microneedling with radio frequency is great for wrinkles, scarring, stretch marks, and lifted skin.

Microneedling on a woman's face
Microneedling on a woman's face

Clear + Brilliant

Clear+Brilliant, also sometimes called the “baby Fraxel”, is a fantastic treatment for skin maintenance, preventative anti-aging care, and providing a natural radiance to the skin.  It offers a fresh and youthful look to skin that is smoother and clearer,  as well as stimulates collagen production.  We have a lot of clients that like to get Clear+Brilliant as a routine treatment to fight the affects of aging as well as keep bright, even, smooth complexion.  We also have a lot of clients who get Clear+Brilliant in the place of Botox or injections.

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