Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be stuck with that tattoo forever if you don’t want to be.

We have the only laser tattoo removal machine in Jackson, as well as the only one in the region that goes up to as high of a frequency as ours does. A higher frequency means that it requires less treatments to get rid of the tattoo, leaving you to see better results faster. 


Even though the process can be a little bit painful, it really knocks it out!
    How long after getting a tattoo do I have to wait to get it removed?

    At least three to six months so that the wound is fully able to heal.

    Does the removal hurt?

    Unfortunately with laser tattoo removal we can’t numb for treatment because it would affect the treatment, so it can be a bit painful. However, the process is really quick, and the discomfort only lasts while the treatment is being done. Also, usually treatment is really fast – it often takes less than five minutes for small to medium sized tattoos.  Even on bigger tattoos, it goes pretty quickly if we don’t have to stop often.

    As far as after the removal treatment is done, it may feel a little warm to the touch for about an hour. Some clients experience some itching in the days after similar to what you might feel after getting a tattoo done.

    Can you treat any color of tattoo?

    Our machine does the very best on black, reds, oranges, etc. Also, if that tattoo is older and fading to a reddish brown, we can treat that very well. It doesn’t work quite as well on blues and greens. We can still treat it, but it will take more treatments.

    How many sessions will it take until my tattoo is gone?

    That is going to depend on the color and the depth of the tattoo (in other words, how heavy handed the artist was.)

    How our machine works is that it’s pulling color from the bottom up and out. That means if the tattoo is deeper, it will take longer to treat than if it is more surface level.

    How does the laser work to get rid of the tattoo?

    Our laser targets the ink molecule from the bottom up and explodes the ink molecule.

    What is the cost?

    Our pricing is going to depend on the size and color of the tattoo, as well as how many sessions we have to do.

    However, to give you an idea, we can treat a small tattoo for approximately $200 a session.  Most our customers say that the pricing was far more reasonable than they expected!